Monday, July 3, 2017

Xperience with fyp's sv 1


Ari nih sv aq da mula frust dgn attitude aq. I thought there is a person yg boleh layan aq dgn tenang, slowly not rushing bila nk siapkn satu benda. I was wrong. In this world there is no such a thing. It was only in my imagination.

What he told me today is the truth. What i learned from my entire education was listened to what people told me to do and do. It was hard for me to listen and repeat what he has told. That is what i have to learn. So there wont be same mistakes.

He gave last chance for me to finish my final year project which i only needto submit the writing and get D for that. There is no way i can do that. My parents spend a lot of money for me to finish my study. I had already decided to end my thesis in this short semester.

I am a student. I am different from the other. I need to learn to improve my self. Not just in my subject but skills, attitude. I cannot learn that from my family. Allah choose u sir to change me. To teach me. So im gonna be patient and improve myself to prove everyone that i can do it.

In this dunya, u can imagine the positive thing. But to face it there will be alot of cabaran and at certain point making u want to giveup. Please sir, look after me. Theres alot i need to learn from u.

First thing to start dekatkan diri dengan Allah. Ask for his forgiveness. Petunjuk. Dan keredhaanNya.

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